Tomasi Introduces New Olivewood Headjoints

August 23rd 2019

St. Louis Music – SLM is pleased to announce that Tomasi Flutes are now offering newly designed head joints made from Olivewood, prized for its durability and aesthetic.

Following in the tradition of utilizing high-quality Grenadilla for their lip-plates, Tomasi flutes is again establishing itself at the forefront of headjoint design with their new Olivewood headjoints. Featuring a tube either in .835 Solid Silver (the 9 Series) or .925 Solid Silver (10 Series), these headjoints feature a solid-carved lip-plate made from highly-polished Olivewood. Olivewood is an ideal hardwood for this application due to its strength and beauty.

Also, each piece will look unique due to the extraordinary grain pattern and will darken slightly over time. The sound created is warm and a bit darker than Grenadilla but will still have plenty of lift from the metal tube. Tomasi Olivewood headjoints come either as separate pieces or as part of the 9, 10, and 10S Series Flute lines.

For more information or to become a dealer call your St. Louis Music representative at 314-727-4512 or email

{Picture:  Tomasi Olivewood Headjoint)

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