St Louis Music Announces Q3 Mooer Promotions

July 20th 2019

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI – As part of the 3rd quarter promos happening at SLM right now, the Mooer GE200’s and highly anticipated GE300’s are shipping with free gig bags. Retail value of the SC-200 gigbag is $22 and the retail value on the backpack style SC-300 is $66. They are the perfect add-on for either model and ideal for building value-added bundles for the customer.

GE300 is Mooer’s newest and most advanced modeler. It is built to stand toe-to-toe with the best digital platforms in existence. Boasting 108 amp models, 164 effects and 43 high quality impulse responses, the GE300 offers pro features at the unbelievable MAP price of $799.

Mooer could have stopped there but the GE300 carries the ‘TONE CAPTURE’ feature which allows it to capture the sounds of your favourite amps, guitars or stompboxes and reproduce them digitally. Combined with the tri-voice polyphonic Synth Engine, 30 minute looper and third-party IR loader, the GE300 is the perfect choice for stage or studio.

The GE200 multi effects processor delivers unparalleled amp modeling in its price range and possesses an amazing array of effects and features which will surely impress even the most discerning of tone chasers. The GE200 has been designed from the ground up to be the musician’s perfect partner, whether live on-stage, in the recording studio, or back home in the practice den.

The GE200 houses 55 amplifier models which utilize the same cutting edge technology as MOOER’s hugely successful range of MICRO PREAMPS. These digital amp models will completely recreate the tone, touch and feel of their real-life counterparts.

Check out or search for these items on YouTube to see one of the dozens of stunning demos on these modelers.  For more information or to become a dealer call your St. Louis Music representative at 314-727-4512 or email [email protected].

{Pictured:  GE200}

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