P. Mauriat Announces the PMST-600XJ Tenor Saxophone

February 12th 2021

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI – P. Mauriat is thrilled to announce the arrival of the PMST-600XJ tenor saxophone.  The PMST-600XJ had its debut at the 2021 winter NAMM “Beleive in Music” event.  

“The PMST-600XJ is specifically designed for the serious player,” says Craig Denny, Vice President – Band and Orchestra at St. Louis Music. “Crafted on the 66 body tube, this horn is incredibly versatile and built to withstand the rigors professional players encounter.”

Featuring yellow brass construction throughout, the 600XJ is a raw brass instrument which allows for maximum vibration. It also features straight tone holes which offer just the right amount of resistance. Finally, P. Mauriat finished the 600XJ with selected parts in silver-plate in order to set it apart from anything else on the bandstand.

Dealers are encouraged to visit the virtual St. Louis Music booth during Believe in Music Week to experience the new P. Mauriat PMST-600XJ for themselves.  To learn more or to become a P. Mauriat dealer please contact [email protected] or call 800-727-4512.


[Pictured: P. Mauriat PMST-600XJ Tenor Saxophone]


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