Meet Your SLM Sales Team: Seth Porter

Posted on September 15, 2016


One of the reasons the St. Louis Music Sales Team is so dedicated to great products and service is because they’re often musicians themselves or have a deep passion for music and education.  In our “Meet Your SLM Sales Team” series, we’ll be giving you a glimpse at why our colleagues are so driven by music, and what inspires them.  For September, 2016, we’re honored to introduce you to Seth Porter…

Where are you from? Where did you study? 

SP:   I am originally from Bowling Green, Ohio. I studied music at Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin and have lived in St. Louis since 2005.

Are you musical? If so, what do you play and with what bands? (Any pictures of music activity would be fabulous if you have them!) 

SP:  My dad is a musician, so I grew up playing music. I started piano and Suzuki violin when I was very small (before I can remember, really). In the 4th grade, I picked up the viola and studied through college. My parents gave me a Squier P-bass for my birthday in the 8th grade and I have been playing in bands ever since. Most recently, I played guitar and sang in a band called the Blind Eyes. We played our final show in the spring of 2014. I’m currently writing material for a new project that will debut this fall.


Please describe your career path before SLM, ie. companies you have worked for, mentors you may have had, any sideways paths you may have taken…. 

SP:  I can’t say there was much rhyme or reason to my jobs before SLM, but I was always doing music in some capacity. I am very grateful to [former SLM Knilling VP] Jim Eaton for giving me a shot in our violin shop. He taught me a lot about that work, has a true love of this business, and is a real gentleman. I’m also thankful for the lovely & talented Denise Kantola, who was instrumental in my move to sales in 2014.

How did you first connect with the SLM Team? 

SP:  I was playing in a band with Matt Picker (inside sales) and looking for a new gig. He set me up to meet with Mark [Ragin]. I started doing some odd jobs around the old Woodson location and then began working in the violin shop when we moved to Ferguson Avenue. I started in inside sales a little over 2 years ago.


What is the most invaluable insight you have learned in your time at SLM? How does this affect your approach to work and life outside the office? 

SP:   I think the opportunity to talk every day with so many different types of people across the country has given me a lot of perspective I might not have otherwise had. It doesn’t hurt that most all of them love music.

What do you do that inspires you outside of work?

SP:  Besides writing and playing music, I love cooking, record stores, and baseball.

{Photography by Jess Luther}

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