Knilling is on the Fast Track

August 21st 2019

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI – St. Louis Music is pleased to announce the successful integration of Knilling’s Fast Track protocol with the Knilling Custom Shop, which was newly renovated, re-organized and expanded in 2019.

2019 saw a doubling of the Knilling Custom Shop staffing, which added both skilled string technicians, management, and support staff, as well as Shop and work station improvements integral to the new Shop layout including new workbenches, tools and equipment, and air handling. Complete redesign and expansion of outfitting and support areas enabled greater handling efficiency, work flow and capacity, in support of the Knilling Custom Shop expansion.

The Fast Track protocol was implemented to optimize high through-put and production capacity, while retaining the individual attention to detail and quality that the Knilling Custom Shop is known for.

“Whether last minute, stock up, fill-in or sudden opportunities, especially during the school season, the new Shop, organization and increased staffing, coupled with our Fast Track protocol has resulted in increased efficiency and throughput in the Shop.” says Lang Shen, product manager of Knilling Strings. “Better yet, it has resulted in greater accuracy in the adjustment process and much faster completion of orders. What used to take weeks is now often completed within days.”

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