Knilling Introduces New Nicolo Gabrielli Violins

Posted on April 16, 2018

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI- Knilling is proud to have unveiled two new Nicolo Gabrielli master violins for 2018, the Maestro 86F and the Guadagnini 87FD. Both models are perfectly suited for advancing players looking for an instrument that will allow them to progress to the next level and were introduced at the 2018 winter NAMM show in Anaheim Californa.

“Our customers have been thrilled with these instruments”, says Lang Shen, Knilling Product manager. “The head of the Gabrieli shop is dedicated to individually evaluating and maximizing each instruments’ potential and his passion shows; we are thrilled that so many highly respected violin shops and makers alike have recognized the exceptional performance and quality of craftsmanship these instruments exhibit.”


Made in USA, all Nicolo Gabrieli instruments are handcrafted exclusively from premium European tonewoods, and individually refined for maximum performance. The American Shop controls all aspects of manufacture, from selection and harvest of the premium tonewoods in Europe for future production, to evaluating and completing the external and internal elements, to testing, final graduation and play-testing for maximum individual performance and hand application of their own special color and hybrid varnish preparations.

The 2018 Nicolo Gabrielli Violins


MSRP $4995


MSRP $5875

To learn more or become a dealer call your St Louis Music Representative at 800-727-4512 or email at [email protected]


{Pictured:   86F & 87FD}


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