Dixon Releases Precision Coil Direct Drive Single and Double Bass Drum Pedals

January 15th 2021

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI – Dixon is proudly expanding its Precision Coil bass drum pedal offering with all new Direct Drive models. The new Precision Coil Direct Drive Single and Double Bass Drum pedals will debut during winter NAMM 2021.

“We believe our customers are going to love these new pedals,” Says Jim Uding, Dixon Brand Manager.  “The Direct Drive linkage takes Precision Coil’s fundamental feel and function to a whole new level, opening it up to drummer’s with a need for speed.”

Dixon Precision Coil pedals are a high-powered alternative to traditional rocking spring pedals featuring the direct transfer of energy from its open coil helical spring to the footboard for increased precision and control. Precision Coil’s open-coil helical spring, enclosed in a cast aluminum chamber, connects directly to Precision Coil’s beater hub for an extremely efficient transfer of energy from your foot to the bass drum, topped off with an adjustable aluminum beater that features a self-adjusting head and adjustable weight for increased leverage and power. Direct Driven Pedals offer optimum footboard stability and stroke uniformity for ultimate control and high speed potential.

Visit www.playdixon.com to learn more.  For further information or to become a dealer call your St. Louis Music representative at 314-727-4512 or email [email protected]  

{Pictured: PPPCP1D single and PPPCPD1D double}

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