Sela Cajons and Handpans represent some of the highest value products on the market, featuring German craftmanship, wonderful playing experience, and excellent customer service. 

The Sela handpans are crafted from two steel bowls in an intricate process producing a fascinating instrument that combines a basic sense of rhythm with expression, originality, and melody. Elaborate hand-hammering establishes a central note at the top of the pan surrounded by eight relative pitches for a perfectly tuned nine-note scale across the ergonomic contour of the bowl. Artistically designed for anyone to play anywhere, the soulful, soothing, and ethereal handpan experience is as simple as your curiosity or complex as your passion.

Sela Cajons are born from German design and craftsmanship and feature robust birch construction and surfaces that respond to every touch, unique Clap Corners and comfort edges for unrestrained sound and performance.  All Sela Cajons feature an inventive snare system which is easy to adjust, expand or remove and utilize advanced finish techniques and wood treatments that enhance the look and enrich the sound.

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