Established in 2003, P. Mauriat has quickly become the players’ choice in saxophones and trumpets. The reason is simple – sound. Of all the things that musicians possess, the one that is singularly their own is their sound. Everything we do at P. Mauriat is focused on helping musicians achieve their sound so they may express themselves in the truest way possible.

The craftsmanship that goes into each P. Mauriat is second to none. Our brass, used in combination with other select metals, is extremely resonant due to the extensive hand-hammering it undergoes in our factory. P. Mauriat saxophone and trumpet bells will be hammered as much as 400 times before it moves on to someone else’s hands for final shaping and polishing. Each tone hole is drawn from the saxophone body tube one by one to ensure precision in response and intonation. Each valve block is carefully constructed to reduce drag and allow the trumpet to feel free and easy in a player’s hands. Lacquers and engraving are carefully selected based on sound enhancement: these finishes not only look good, they sound wonderful as well.

P. Mauriat produces all manner of Professional and Intermediate Saxophones (sopranino through bass), Professional Clarinets, and Professional Bb Trumpets. Like the brands that dominated the last century, P. Mauriat is poised to be the instrument of choice for this century. Go for the Sound!

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