The Krauth and Benninghofen families founded Hamilton Stands in Hamilton, Ohio in 1883. For more than a century Hamilton Stands has been synonymous with quality and durability and is one of the oldest music products companies in the US.

Having been founded by two engineers, Hamilton was built on a culture of product design and innovation. In the early years many patents were awarded, including those for folding music stands, snare drum and sax stands, guitar capos and symphonic music stands. In later years innovation continued, with several products being introduced that have defined their segments, including trumpet, trombone and sax stands and the first modern body-supporting (cradle) guitar stand from 1978.

Hamilton originated the neck suspending guitar stand, its KB38, which remains a strong seller and has spawned competitive products such as the Hercules Auto Grip and Ultimate Genesis stands. The KB400N folding music stand is the best selling and most ubiquitous stand in the world, with over 6 million having been sold.

In 2012 Hamilton introduced its first comprehensive combo stand line. Branded StagePRO, the line offers the most popular SKU’s in mic, guitar, speaker and keyboard stands. There are plans to strategically expand the offering over time, including proprietary designs that are currently under development. Most of the line is organized on a good, better, best or better and best positioning.

Legacy products include good, better and best wind instrument stands, folding, portable and symphonic music stands. Legacy combo stands and accessories include guitar hangers, capos, amp stands and snare and cymbal stands.

Hamilton is uniquely positioned to offer bundles of its own products as well as having the breadth of product to bundle with other’s products.

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