When you blow into a wind instrument, condensation, saliva (yes, it’s spit) and debris collect inside . If left there to dry, they can corrode the bore, tone holes and pads, not to mention leaving an army of nasty germs. HW Pad-Saver and HW Brass-Saver products are made to effectively and easily keep your instrument clean and ready to play. Our HW Brass-Saver(r) brushes offer a safe and effective method of cleaning corrosive saliva and mineral deposits from the inside of your horn. They can be used wet or dry, won’t get stuck unlike the traditional snake, they contain absolutely no metal so they won’t scratch. For a consistent sound every time you play, keep your horn clean with our HW Brass-Saver(r). Available for trumpet, trombone, French horn, baritone, tuba, and flugel horn. Protected by US Patent #6,868,575.

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