Established in 1991 in San Antonio, Texas, Antigua specializes in professional saxophones and high-quality instruments for beginners. We set precise criteria for production at our own state-of-the-art facilities and each instrument is inspected at our home, in San Antonio, before being sent to the you – the music store owner, the band director, the student or professional player. Fine adjustments are made to ensure each instrument meets our high standards. We stand behind our products and support all of them with our excellent warranty program.

Antigua’s most innovative and versatile saxophone is the Pro One. Peter Ponzol, the renowned player and designer, considers the ProOne saxophone the ultimate expression of his design concepts. From the G# lifter that ensures it never sticks, to the B-C# roller and F-F# bridge, this is the professional’s dream saxophone. The heart and soul of the ProOne is the Ponzol neck providing precise intonation and consistency at any volume level. The Series also features trident key arms on the low register keys that can be adjusted to improve clear, concise entrances without the fear of fluttering.

St. Louis Music is the exclusive distributor for Antigua in North America

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