The Zonda wind, or viento zonda is a term for a warm wind particular to the eastern slope of the Andes mountain range in Argentina. The Zonda is a dry wind that comes from the cold ocean air warmed by descent from the crest of the mountain range overlooking the Mendoza Valley. This is where the cane is grown for our Zonda reeds, our name influenced by the regional winds, which now we proudly use for our instruments.

The philosophy behind Zonda is simply to produce Brass and Woodwind instruments and accessories we are proud of. Products we want to use ourselves that have features and a personality we weren’t able to find in brands as students or professional players.

Our instruments represent the passion and expertise within our company and demonstrate unequivocal value for money, so they can bring a sense of loyalty, trust, and enjoyment to all who use them. Zonda reeds are produced to the highest specifications offering superb response and consistency. Each reed is made from hand selected, premium Mendoza Valley Giant Cane and generate extremely refined tonal qualities.

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