Blessing’s BVT-1470 Valve Trombone Wins Music Inc’s Editor’s Choice

February 25th 2019

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI – Blessing is excited to announce its BVT-1470 Valve Trombone has won Music Inc. Magazine’s “Editor’s Choice Award” for the 2019 winter NAMM Show.  The BVT-1470 had its debut at the NAMM show in Anaheim California in January.

“Winning this award motivates us to work even harder,” says Phil Baughman, Brand Manager at E.K. Blessing.  “We’re very excited about the possibilities the BVT-1470 opens up in our line.  It’s special because a brass player can achieve that “tenor” voice without having to learn the feel of slide positions.  A valve trombone is ideal for the trumpet or baritone player that needs to double on trombone.”

Historically, the valve trombone was one of the most popular models offered by E.K. Blessing. The BVT-1470 Valve Trombone continues in this tradition. Pitched in Bb and designed with a trumpet valve block, the valve fingerings are identical to the trumpet, but the sound is one octave lower. It is the perfect double for a trumpeter or affordable alternative for members of the low brass section that prefer the traction valves provide, particularly for fast passages that may be problematic for a hand slide. With its bell forward projection, the BVT-1470 provides the playability desired in school marching, pep, or jazz band settings.

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{Pictured:  Blessing BVT-1470}

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