Blessing Ready to Ship the New BTR-1460M Trumpet

Posted on July 16, 2018

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI – E.K. Blessing is thrilled to be shipping the brand new BTR-1460M trumpet, the latest addition to its lineup of fine brass instruments. The BTR-1460M features a new Matte finish, a unique feature for instruments of this price point. The BTR-1460M had its debut at Winter NAMM 2018 in Anaheim, California.

“With the BTR-1460M we wanted to offer younger players something that looked very professional,” says Phil Baughman, Brand Manager at E.K. Blessing.  “By achieving a matte scratch brush finish and maintaining both the affordability and great sound of our 1460 I think we have accomplished something younger players are going to love!”  

The BTR-1460M stands out with its unique, distressed finish, achieved by hand to give each instrument a distinct look.  The trumpet features a 460” ML bore, 5” Bell Diameter, Rose Brass Lead Pipe, Yellow Brass Body and Two-piece bell, Nickel Silver Outer Slides and Monel Valves.  It’s a perfect companion to the 1541 Flugelhorn in both look and completing a player’s spectrum of tones.

Baughman continues, “Another advantage to a durable, lacuqered finish such as the Matte scratch brush finish is that it doesn’t require as much maintenance and polish.  A student can focus on practice and far less on the upkeep of their instrument, which is where their attentions should be.”

Dealers are encouraged to come to booth 7414 at Winter NAMM to experience the BTR-1460M for themselves.  To learn more or become a dealer call your St Louis Music Representative at 800-727-4512 or email at [email protected]

{Pictured:  Blessing BTR-1460M}

St. Louis Music/U.S. Band & Orchestra is one of the largest general distributors of musical instruments and accessories in North America. SLM is the owner of Alvarez Guitars, Austin Guitars, Knilling String Instruments, E.K. Blessing, & Sigma Guitars. The company is also the exclusive USA distributor of Dixon Drums & Hardware, Antigua, and P. Mauriat Brass and Woodwinds.  SLM also distributes over 250 brands of accessories to music stores across the USA.



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