Posted on April 30, 2010

Paiste's innovation continues in every new product they bring out of their shop.

Since 1901, the Paiste family has been creating remarkable cymbals and products for drummers that have earned them a worldwide reputation for quality.

Based in Switzerland, they gained a firm foothold in the U.S. in 1981. In October 2009, Paiste partnered with St. Louis Music to distribute their products allowing hundreds of dealers’ easy access to the line.

Paiste created the gongs made fanatically popular when Led Zeppelin’s Jon Bonham toured with them. Their many breakthroughs include the Flat Ride, the Sound Edge Hi-Hat, and the RUDE series. They were the first to color cymbals, and they held or hold several patents such as for their Paiste Sound Alloy (Signature Bronze).

Their innovation continues in every new product they bring out of their shop. And while they have incorporated advanced technology into their cymbal making, they rely on traditional handcraftsmanship as a basis of everything they put their name on. At Paiste have always believed that cymbal making both an art and a science.

Paiste reviews feedback and input from drummers and percussionists across the world. The resulting sound idea is then translated into likely production parameters and prototypes are made. These are reviewed and revised until they match their understanding of the original sound idea. Prototypes are then reviewed with top Paiste artists who evaluate their utility and accuracy, and further changes are made until perfection is achieved.

From school band students to heavy metal players, from jazz to rock, Paiste offers a wide range of cymbals to meet every need and price point. The consistency and quality of each and every cymbal that appears in every music store is always exceptional, as their reputation for dependability equals its reputation for tone and clarity.

For Dealer inquiries please call us on 314-727-4512 and press 1 for sales.
For Consumer inquiries, please use our Dealer Locator to find your nearest store.
For further information on the Paiste line of products, please visit

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