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Austin Guitars

posted April 30, 2010 in Brand Focus

Throughout 2009 and 2010 we raised the bar higher and redeveloped the whole line to produce what we believe is best value guitar brand in the world.

For over twenty years the Austin® guitar line has been renowned for delivering unbeatable value for money.

We achieved this by going right back to basics and to the careful selection of raw materials and components. We then designed the guitars from the ground up with a clear objective to include all the critical, fundamental elements a quality guitar needs in order to look, feel, play and sound just right.

Our electric guitars are beautifully finished, well balanced and made from solid, seasoned tone woods. They feel great and sound the way you need them to and they look fantastic. They range in price from $189.00 list to $369.00 list.

Our acoustic guitars are outstanding. Again, throughout their development we paid attention to the rudiments of acoustic guitar making. Keeping our target list prices in mind of $149.00 to $349.00 – the wood we use at is the best we could find, and the construction and aesthetics have been carefully considered.

We had help from some of our friends who are renowned luthiers and designers and produced some of the finest acoustic instruments in our industry. The result is pretty amazing, especially in the context of the guitar’s cost. On top of all of this, every Austin acoustic guitar is inspected and adjusted in the St. Louis so they arrive to an Austin Dealer……perfect.

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