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Presenting the PMXA-67 RUL Alto Saxophone

posted June 13, 2012 in news,Product News

The best of both worlds: The PMXA-67 RUL Alto Saxophone is a vintage looking and sounding professional instruments with modern mechanics.

“The un-lacquered body and keys of the PMXA-67 offers the most vibration, which really increases its fun factor,” says P. Mauriat Brand Manager Craig Denny. “I love the fact that it is free blowing with a sweet sound making it perfect for multiple playing situations.”

The PMXA-67 Alto features rolled tone hole, which offers less resistance so it is easier to play – something especially attractive for that ambitious player looking for a step-up horn that will take him and her directly to that professional tier. It features a large bell that produces a big full sound, and is beautifully hand-engraved there and on the bow and neck. It features a Super VI neck style, and the pads have seamless dome metal resonators.  It has a MSRP of $4,000 and a street price of $2,949.99.

There’s a video on YouTube called “PMXA-67RUL Alt Saxophone Demon

The P Mauriat PMXA-67 RUL

stration” that has Denny showing off the instrument at:

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