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P. Mauriat Trumpets Are Here!

posted May 9, 2011 in news,Product News

SLM announces that P. Mauriat is now manufacturing quality trumpets, starting with the PMT-700 series.

“Featuring an entirely new design, The PMT-700 Series Trumpets from P. Mauriat are uniquely suited for players who are searching for a focused and compact sound that easily projects outward with less spread,” says Craig Denny, P. Mauriat brand director. “These trumpets compliment their saxophone line well.”


The design of the PMT-700 series utilizes a standard weight mid-section and lead pipe, a 4.8-inch yellow brass bell, and stainless steel valves. All this makes for a quick response throughout the entire range of the trumpet. The PMT-700 trumpets come in a variety of finishes including Clear Lacquer, Silver-plate, Un-lacquered, Matte Silver-plate, and Matte lacquer. Each finish is applied to the instrument to give them a slightly different feel from behind horn.

“Committed to design innovation, P. Mauriat Trumpets are already becoming the choice of th e new generation of trumpeters who demand nothing less than excellence from their horn,” adds Denny. P. Mauriat trumpet line manager Adam MacBlane demonstrates the PMT-700 here.

This line of professional trumpets is available in six distinct versions, and they have a MSRP of $2,549 to $3,029. St. Louis Music is the exclusive North American distributor of P. Mauriat instruments. For more information on placing an order or becoming a P. Mauriat dealer, please email [email protected] or call 1-800-727-4512.

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