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posted August 11, 2011 in Brand Focus

Alvarez has been one of the leading acoustic guitar brands in the U.S.A. and around the world for over 45 years. Its image is synonymous with quality and value. Its instruments are known for their tone and feel. Some of the most amazing artists over the last five decades have gravitated towards the brand and its guitars. For all of this we are truly grateful and proud.

The 2011-2012 Alvarez line is what we refer to as the “All-New Alvarez” which is quite a statement to make and one which we say whole heartedly, as this line up really is “all new” in many ways.

In our approach to this new line up we simply went back to basics, back to pure acoustic guitar development, and that starts with the raw materials and components we chose to use. We then looked at every way possible we could in order to improve on what we already had. We sourced better wood, and more suitable materials; we got into the details and analyzed them in order to give as much as we possibly could in respect of tone, player experience, feel, playability and cosmetics. We also analyzed the market and went out to lead it. Over the past 18 months our team very naturally developed a clear and coherent vision – and that was to produce [in relation to their cost] the best sounding instruments in the world. And this is just the beginning.

If you are thinking about buying a new acoustic guitar, we urge you to try one from our new line. If you have recently bought an Alvarez guitar, then we sincerely thank you.

The Alvarez Team

St. Louis Music

P. Mauriat

posted March 17, 2011 in Brand Focus

Be inspired.

P. Mauriat builds brass instruments of distinction. All of their horns are handmade combining old-world craftsmanship with modern-day technology, which works in harmony to bring out the innate characteristics and sound of each exclusive model.

Established in 1998, then as now, P. Mauriat takes pride in providing the most ergonomic and efficient instruments for the musicians of the world. Instead of a barrier cast between the player and music making, their instruments are the keys that unlock doors … read more

Gon Bops

posted March 16, 2011 in Brand Focus

Gon Bops is the sound of the most legendary and authentic percussion in the world

The Gon Bops story begins in early 1950′s California. According to legend, it was here that Mariano Bobadilla and Tom Flores began working together building the finest drums available at the time. The two went on to become the most highly regarded conga builders in the percussion industry. Tom founded Valje® Drums and crafted the most sought after Afro-Cuban instruments made in the US, while

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Austin Guitars

posted April 30, 2010 in Brand Focus

Throughout 2009 and 2010 we raised the bar higher and redeveloped the whole line to produce what we believe is best value guitar brand in the world.

We achieved this by going right back to basics and to the careful selection of raw materials and components. We then designed the guitars from the ground up with a clear objective to include all the critical, fundamental elements a quality guitar needs in order to look, feel, play and sound just right.… read more


posted April 30, 2010 in Brand Focus

Since 1901, the Paiste family has been creating remarkable cymbals and products for drummers that have earned them a worldwide reputation for quality.

Based in Switzerland, they gained a firm foothold in the U.S. in 1981. In October 2009, Paiste partnered with St. Louis Music to distribute their products allowing hundreds of dealers’ easy access to the line.

Paiste created the gongs made fanatically popular when Led Zeppelin’s Jon Bonham toured with them. Their many breakthroughs include the Flat Ride, … read more