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July 11, 2014

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May 7, 2014

Perfection Pegs: Embracing Technology & Respecting Tradition

The challenge of tuning
Picture yourself tuning a violin, viola or cello. Imagine turning the peg effortlessly, smoothly obtaining a precise pitch and then letting go, without the peg slipping or sticking. Then, imagine that instrument retaining its tune, despite transportation jostle and stress. This is no dream; this is the Planetary Perfection Peg, a Knilling exclusive.

Pioneering use of technology
Turning the Perfection Peg feels more like focusing binoculars – a smooth motion made possible by a helical planetary gear design. The mechanism also features a four-to-one turning ratio, so that the fine tuning is accomplished completely by the peg, eliminating the need for tailpiece-mounted string adjusters. Best of all, where the peg is turned, it stays. It will not suddenly slip or stick, and it is unaffected by climate changes.

Respect for tradition
The beauty of the Perfection Peg lies is in its ability to incorporate modern technology, while maintaining the time-honored form of the traditional peg. Its installation is remarkably similar to that of the friction peg, and is fully reversible, without any harm to the instrument.

Refining and enhancing
The initial acceptance of the Perfection peg by alternative style musicians rapidly expanded to the music education community. Subsequently, the Perfection planetary peg mechanism won acceptance among professionals and artist players, even for extremely valuable vintage instruments. Perfection pegs are now in use from conservatories to recording studios, schools to concert halls.

This development has prompted the development of Perfection peg technologies incorporated into professional model Perfection planetary pegs. These next-generation pegs feature professional grade wooden heads to complement the finest of instruments.

Learn more about the Perfection Peg, how it works, and its benefits to students please visit to view The Perfection Peg Revealed video.