Monday, July 28th

Alvarez Launches New MDA70 Masterworks at Summer NAMM

July 25, 2014

Alvarez Releases New Featurette: Artist Series

July 11, 2014

Dixon Introduces the Multi-Functional Brite Key

June 9, 2014

Be inspired.

P. Mauriat builds brass instruments of distinction. All of their horns are handmade combining old-world craftsmanship with modern-day technology, which works in harmony to bring out the innate characteristics and sound of each exclusive model.

Established in 1998, then as now, P. Mauriat takes pride in providing the most ergonomic and efficient instruments for the musicians of the world. Instead of a barrier cast between the player and music making, their instruments are the keys that unlock doors to creative minds.

P. Mauriat continues to look for new ways to improve every horn they create. To do that, they listen to all comments from their endorsers, professional players, and hobbyists alike. They understand that even a great instrument can be made better, and they have an unwavering pledge to continue this ongoing process toward bringing the dream horn of the future to the present-day musician.

Their French brass and other metals are exceptionally resonant due to the extensive hand-hammering process they must endure in our factory. A single saxophone body will be hammered as many as 400 times before proceeding to the next technician for final shaping. Each tone hole is drawn from the saxophone one by one to ensure the precision and consistency required for excellent response and intonation. Players especially appreciate their lacquer process, which is applied by three separate stages in order to achieve a timeless, vintage look for the ages. The final hand engraving process is accomplished with nothing more than a simple hand-held tool and years of experience. Once complete, each instrument is carefully inspected and tested by one of our full-time quality control artists to ensure that our customers receive the absolute finest instrument available.

In addition to all that, all instruments are thoroughly inspected, properly regulated, and adjusted in St. Louis before shipping out to U.S. dealers.

Try them and be inspired.

We at SLM are proud to be the exclusive North American distributor for such high-quality, well-respected instruments in the world. “The craftsmanship that goes into every P. Mauriat instrument is second to none,” says SLM CEO Mark Ragin. “P. Mauriat has grabbed the sax market’s attention and we are really excited to be representing this great brand in the U.S.”

If you too appreciate quality instruments, watch this space for all the latest in P. Mauriat news. If you’re interested in becoming a P. Mauriat dealer, please call 1-800-727-4512 and press 1 for sales, or email us at [email protected]

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